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UniversalParksBlog News for April 5, 2021

After a year of unanswered questions, we finally know when Universal Studios Hollywood reopens…and it’s sooner than you think! We’ll discuss this and much more in the latest UniversalParksBlog News update. The Triumphant Return...

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UniversalParksBlog News for December 28, 2020

Universal Studios has experienced a hectic December, and they’ve updated the project that matters the most. We just learned a lot about Super Nintendo World. It’s gonna blow your mind in the latest UniversalParksBlog...

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UniversalParksBlog news for December 2, 2020

Welcome to a surprise edition of UniversalParksBlog News…and I’m the surprised one! I hadn’t planned to write one of these for another week or two, but then a couple of developments occurred that you...